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Applications for our January 2021 bootcamp are now closed.

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Fully Remote!

Covid-19 hit us half way through our last bootcamp, and we had to immediately learn the ins and outs of learning remotely.

We spent the time exploring how to do it best, and we are now planning to offer a fully remote course.

The benefit is that we can help more people than before, which helps us achieve our core value of helping more and different kinds of people into tech.

Demo Day

Does School of Code work? The proof is in the pudding...

Demo Day is where our teams show how they have learned to become high performance tech teams from scratch in just 16 weeks.

At Demo Day, teams live demonstrate their final projects from the course to an audience of employers.

We don’t just teach code. We teach how to work in a team. We teach the whole journey of modern software development. We teach the latest and greatest technologies. And most of all, people learn how to learn!

How it Works

Our sponsors help us get started with support and funding.

We take people on a life changing journey from complete beginner to professional developer.

We work with hiring partners who pay an employer pledge when they hire someone from the course.