Demo Day

School of Code’s mission is to get more diverse set of people into tech, helping businesses digitally transform through diverse talent.

Our bootcamps are free in order to remove the barriers that stop people starting tech careers.

Demo Day gives our bootcampers the opportunity to present their project MVP, developed to address a real world business challenge.

This, in turn gives employers the opportunity to see what the cohort is capable of and take the first steps towards hiring.

Cohort 4.0

16 weeks ago, 48 people started on an epic adventure to become work-ready, Agile-trained full stack developers.

Many of them had never seen a line of code before. And now, with hard work, grit, determination, and a bit of humour, they have completed School of Code 4.0, and they are ready to launch their careers in tech.

Cohort 4.0 is our first fully remote cohort, meaning our bootcampers have onboarded, learned, worked, and delivered software projects in remote teams.

In the last four weeks of the bootcamp, project teams collaborate to build full stack applications. Cohort 4.0 will demonstrate their products live at Demo Day 4.0.

Come and see our developers do what they do best.

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